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We help companies get traction with commercializing innovation.

A lean innovation consultancy.

About Us

LeanInno is a lean innovation consultancy.  We eliminate waste in corporate innovation.


Whether you’re looking for help growing your business, innovating faster, or building products & services that customers love, we help you validate the business ideas that are most important to you.  A startup team tests these ideas through a series of sprints and then pitches to your leaders just as a startup pitches to investors.


We bring top coaching talent with corporate and academic experience.  We apply a framework built and proven with over 300 companies, all with small company access and service.

Ben Schmuck

Co-Founder and CEO

Ben Headshot.jpg

Our Services



Bring your employees ready to innovate like a startup.

Custom Teams

Let's build a team of your employees and trained consultants to maximize speed and validation

Thought Leadership

Let us help build a sustainable innovation program within your company for years to come.

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